Dr. R.N. Misra
B.Com, LL.B, A.C.M.A (London), A.I.C.W.A, PH.D

It gives me a great pleasure to prepare a short write up which will be a foreword for all the courses that are being imparted at IPSAR. The task is very difficult. The earlier education system has for traditional coaching on subjects like History, Geography, Mathematics etc. But, Strictly speaking these are not totally out-dated now in as much as some of these are still being covered in the other courses as well. All pervasive management and IT subjects take you round the world for this. Similarly, there are numerous papers that envisage a syllabus that aims at making you a knowledgeable and a complete man.

We have introduced at IPSAR, Science for the students seeking a technical career and Commerce for students seeking a professional career. Similarly at graduation level we have introduced new subjects like Bio-Technology where students learn the science of tissue culture in the field of agriculture and pharmaceuticals in the field of medicine. This is the need of the hour. A student should feel the need to grow matured. Similarly the BBA course gives the much needed scope to grow with your employer and BCA course for higher studies in IT like MCA. Finally MBA and MCA courses will give you a boost if you can work hard. Be sincere, painstaking and prepare to invest money in your education. Thus some of the courses such as +2 Science, Commerce, BBA, BCA will help you to build up yourself as a complete man.