The most notable and significant feature of our institute is the library. The library is headed by qualified and experienced librarian. A Well-stocked computerized library with support of Bar-code and a reading hall attached with the library creates a suitable atmosphere for the students. The PG courses have a library in Campus I while UG campus has a library in Campus III, Satichoura each being independent and distinct.

  • More than 15,000 no. of text /reference books, 26 no. of national Journals and 18 no. International Journals and 6000 both national / international n-digital online E-journals are available for the users in Campus I.
  • Around 5000 books are stocked in Campus III. Needless to mention that students, faculty members and other interested members of the staff visit the library regularly.
  • The Library also houses study materials, objective questions and answer booklets to supplement student’s preparation for various examinations.
  • The books get an accession into the Library only when they are approved by the academic and examination council of the college, which always safeguards the academic interest of students.
  • The Library is maintained as per the ISO 9000:2001 standard now being upgraded to ISO 9000:2008.

Digital Subscription

    Language Lab

    The English Communication Lab is installed with audio arrangement connected to PCs. The Labs is installed with Digital Language with learning language solution for acquiring proficiency in any language encompassing four basic principles of effective communication: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Digital language labs have become a reality with advantages like excellent student monitoring and evaluation and modularity design with one-to-one communication between the student and instructor.

    Understanding the need of English Communication, English Communication Labs have been established both in Campus I and Campus II. Special English communication sessions are held by a Trainer who is available during working hours for implementing an effective learning. Students find this facility increasingly useful with significant improvements noted in weak students. This has very helpful for students appearing in Campus interviews.


    IPSAR has been a significant development in making available study materials, university questions and other text materials relevant for the subjects prescribed in the Syllabus by uploading these on the learning portal available on the website

    The students have been issued User ids and passwords to access the site. Each material is downloadable once by the user. Special permission has to be obtained from the administrator to download a second time. The process is unique as it eliminates the need to supply such materials in hard copies and alos keeps a track of chapter completed.

    Personality Developement Studio

    In this contemporary era communication skills & personality development has become “Driving-Force” of the corporate etiquettes. So we have created innovative P.D.(Personality Development ) studio to groom the “Hidden Talents” of the students so that they become “Trendsetter” and zoom into their professional career and become force to reckon with as a worthy brand ambassador of our college by becoming “Dynamic Managers” and climb the ladder of success. Ours is not merely a “B-School” it is the “Finishing School” where we shape the “Future Leaders”.

    Analytics Lab

    IPSAR’s Business Analytics Lab is the first of its kind in the state. The state of art training lab has a server with nodes and is housed in the ground floor of campus I.

    IPSAR is the first and the only Authorised License holder of SAS , the world renowned Business Analytics Software. The analytics lab also owns other analytics software and conducts the analytics training programs for business executives and management graduates:

    • Business Analytics with SAS
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Financial Analytics
    • Stock Market Analytics

    Computer Lab

    The PG complex has 60 computers in its computer lab with Linux operating Systems while UG complex has 40 computers with Linux operating system. The labs are well equipped with softwares like Unix, C etc for imparting training to students enrolled in MCA and BCA courses.


    The campus has WI-FI connection through 4 MBPS supply by VODAFONE. The campus also has internet connection supplied by BSNL.